Antorium Marketing Communication Services

Antorium Marketing Communication Services, is founded in June 2007, to offer high quality and reliable event management, recreation management and marketing communication services to its customers. With the increasing demand to make unique organizations and to make companies more competitive, Antorium works hard for its customers in the areas of creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, press releases, product launches, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, roadshows, concerts, or conventions. Our task involves studying the brand deeply, identifying the target audience, creating the right event concept, and coordinating/planning the technical aspects before actually launching the event. Antorium always keeps its eyes open and follows innovations, new ideas new ways of doing the business. Therefore we have a well educated, clever and hardworking team to do the best for our customers. Event planning and marketing are the terms that looks familiar and easy to everyone, but we take our responsibilities seriously and always try to find the right solution. We believe success is not a chance, it is the outcome of the efforts and dedication.
Müşterilerimizin ihtiyaçlarına göre tasarlanmış benzersiz proje ve fikirler üretiyoruz
Müşterilerimizin ihtiyaçlarına göre tasarlanmış benzersiz proje ve fikirler üretiyoruz
Müşterilerimizin ihtiyaçlarına göre tasarlanmış benzersiz proje ve fikirler üretiyoruz
Marketing Communication
1. Advertising: Advertising’s main feature is increasing awareness. One major mistake that many companies make is that after doing an excellent job of determining the objectives, defining audience and establishing metrics, is that they do not fund the advertising plan so that it will be effective.
2- Direct mail or email campaigns: The primary purpose of mailings, direct or email, is to generate leads, via some form of an offer or call to action. An example of a direct mail might be a message that addresses the need for additional revenues and implementing a marketing program that will result in additional revenues.
3- Social Media: Social Media’s main purpose is providing “information” about your products, services, and enterprise, and other people’s opinions about all three.
4- Trade shows, seminars, webinars
5- Newsletters, Catalogs: Primary use is for convening information, be it some form of an update or similar to the trade show, an announcement of a new product or service. Key for success for these is attention getting and true value proposition.

Concept Development
Leaders in conceptual design we draw on practical experience gained in fields as diverse as branding, visual merchandising, stage management, product of planning, designing, and constructing, PR and marketing.
From your initial brief, we will develop outstanding design solutions utilising 3-D modeling, visual & graphic design, video & theme creation and collateral production.

Event Management
With our experience in designing, planning, applying and managing events, you are in the right place.
We offer comprehensive event management solutions under one roof. From end-to-end technical production and creative design, we also specialize in stage management, show calling, event health & safety, site management and venue finding within Turkey and abroad.